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Meet Our Pastor
Crossroads Pastor - Shawn Leonard and wife Cathy

We are pleased to have Shawn Leonard serving as pastor of Crossroads Community Church - a Friends Fellowship. Shawn and his lovely wife, Christina came to Crossroads in January 2015. Shawn was drawn into the ministry by his father. He grew up being part of Northwest Yearly Meeting as a pastor's kid and ultimately followed in his dad's footsteps. To quote Shawn: "Being a pastor is an honor and a privilege."

From 2010 to 2014, Shawn attended George Fox Evangelical Seminary where he studied for a Masters of Arts Degree in Ministry Leadership. Shawn serves as the NWYM Board of Christian Education and Discipleship Clerk.

From 2007 to 2015 he served as a staff member and teacher at Mountain Ministries - an outreach program with a focus on restoring lives that are being destroyed by alcohol and drug addiction.

We at Crossroads are truly blessed to have Shawn and Christina as an integral part of our family!

Hope Marie Leonard

What we Believe

Jesus loves you.

  1. Jesus Christ is the Son of God
  2. Jesus' death makes the forgiveness of our sins possible
  3. Jesus' resurrection gives us eternal life

It all adds up to this: God made you; God redeemed you; God provided for you.

He forgives our sins and makes it possible to live without guilt and with purpose.

Three hundred and fifty years ago the Friends movement brought spiritual awakening to England under the courageous leadership of George Fox. As a perceptive youth in time of social turmoil, Fox had come into a vital experience with Christ in his early twenties after a period of earnest seeking. After this life-changing experience, he and his cohorts proclaimed that...

  • The essence of Christianity isn't creedal, sacramental, or liturgical, but experiential (a vital, personal experience with Jesus Christ).

  • True worship is inward, "in spirit" and in truth.

  • God calls all Christians to be ministers, thus abolishing the gulf between "clergy" and "laity".

  • The finished work of Christ on the cross not only fulfills all Old Testament types and symbols, but also makes such practices as water baptism and the Eucharist unnecessary elements of the new covenant.

  • The gift of salvation is freely offered to all, not only through the outward proclamation of the gospel, but also through the inward and universal Light of Christ.

  • Radical obedience to Christ involves taking his teachings at face value, requiring love for enemies, simplicity of life, a commitment to humble service, and the proclamation of the good news.

While some Quakers today do not share the evangelical convictions so evident among early Friends, Crossroads Community Church: A Friends Fellowship, is part of Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends, and thereby associated with Evangelical Friends Church - an alliance of Friends churches that seeks faithfully to witness in word and deed to the New Testament Christianity that George Fox sought to proclaim.

Interested in learning more about the Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends?   Visit their Website.

Out and About...

Crossroads is an active Friends Fellowship and we delight in creating opportunities for fellowship in addition to our worship time on Sundays. Please feel free to access our Calendar where you will find schedules for our other meeting groups, ministries, and events.

Below are a photo slide show and videos covering our recent trip to the State Capital in Salem to attend a rally which was part of evangelist - Franklin Graham's "Decision America Tour 2016"...

Photos taken at Decision America Tour rally

Videos from the Decision America Tour rally in Salem, Oregon

Pastor Shawn Leonard gives a brief intro to the event. (31 sec.)

Evangelist - Franklin Graham, speaking at the OR State Capital. (1 min. 17 sec.)
"...with God, anything can be done."

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If you are not able to view the videos, you may have to view using a different browser.


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